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Sticky: A Message From David Archuleta To AP!


Wait for it…

Okay, here come the tears. (T___T)

More emo-ing from us below

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PIC: Songwriting in Nashville

David is working with songwriter Stephanie Mabey in Nashville :) We’ll be waiting for those new music (but no pressure *wink*), David!!!

credit to @stephaniemabey and FOD

 photo smabey1_zpsak8em3aa.jpg photo smabey2_zpsg5jbf24o.jpg

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David’s First Blog for 2015

David wrote an insightful and revealing blog for all his Archufans :) David, always remember YOU CAN and YOU MATTER!!! The Archufans are here to support you ;)

credit to @DavidArchie

 photo blog1_zps92c8eebf.jpg photo blog3_zps6327b23d.jpg photo blog2_zps81467f74.jpg

Click on the last pic to read the full blog :)

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Idol Fever 2015

As the new season of American Idol starts, previous contestants – like David – are included in voting polls and trivia games like the ones below: Be sure to answer correctly ;)

credit to @StarWorld_PH, and FOD

 photo starworld1_zps0fc01fea.png
 photo starworld2_zpsc253f046.png

 photo AI1_zps2303a238.jpg
 photo AI2_zps342677d5.jpg

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Stephanie Mabey on UtahValley360

Read Glorious writer Stephanie Mabey‘s interview on UtahValley360 where she shared a funny story about David :)

credit to UtahValley360 and FOD

 photo glorious1_zps46aa20cf.jpg
 photo glorious2_zps9706b9d3.jpg photo glorious3_zps08a3351f.jpg
 photo glorious4_zps99e8ce13.jpg

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David Sightings

Here are the David sightings/mentions!!! First up is Elevator songwriter Shelly Peiken who described David and their songwriting session :)

credit to ShellyPeiken and FOD

 photo shelley1_zps56214d4f.png

Next are the lucky Archufans who spotted him at Gossip Restaurant ;)

credit @phambeee, DavidArchuletaUniverse, FOD

 photo davidsightings2_zps054a101a.png photo davidsightings1_zps6dc25d84.jpg
 photo davidsightings4_zps00428c38.png photo davidsightings3_zpsb85ae410.jpg

Then, David on a swing!!!

credit to nieniedialogues and FOD

 photo swing1_zps777ac209.png photo swing2_zps93fa05cc.png

And a reunion with fellow missionaries :)

credit to DavidArchuletaUniverse and CadeMortensen

 photo davidsightings5_zps917dcc58.png photo davidsightings6_zps122af28d.jpg

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Food Tweet: Taiyaki

David‘s first food tweet of the year features: Taiyaki – a Japanese fish-shaped waffle/cake ;) Check it out:

credit to @ DavidArchie

 photo foodtweet1_zps54495175.jpg

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Happy New Year 2015

See David‘s greeting for the new year :) And look who’s hiding LOL…

credit to @DavidArchie

 photo instagram1_zps633f2924.jpg

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Year in Review: 2014 – The Return of the Archuleta

The new year is near but before we say hello to 2015, let’s reminisce about the exciting year when the Archuleta returned ;) Here are the highlights for each month of 2014:


 photo Enrique-Duet1_zps4f550195.png
- Works For Me used as background music in Korean drama We Got Married
- Don’t Run Away was included in Best Idol Vids of 2013 (Idol Chatter)
- David’s Looking Back vid
- Enrique tweeted being a fan and wants to have a duet!


 photo  trendyear1_zpsbf913931.jpg
- David mentioned in Pinoy Henyo segment of local show Eat Bulaga
- TBT pics like this and this
- WWTT: The Year of the Archuleta
- David included in Idol Legacy Challenge
- My Kind Of Christmas Contests: Concert Backdrop and Christmas Box


- WWTT: David Archuleta Is Coming Home
- Don’t Run Away is #1 on Musiqtone for 4 straight weeks
- Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday pics
- David’s never-before-seen cover of Chasing Cars
- Another WWTT: The World Is Waiting David Archuleta
- Word of the Day vid: Patience
- And of course, the moment the Archuland’s been waiting for: DAVID’S BACK!!!!

 photo david-archuleta-cts1_zps8d43f088.png

- MORE reports about David’s returnTWEETS from Archufriends ;  Mentioned on local mag TotalGirl
- As a thanksgiving gift for David‘s awesome road manager: WWTT: Kari Sellards Is Awesome
- David’s First Tweet!!!
- David’s I’m Back vlog
- To Be With You cover in My Star Botswana
- David in Fave AI Contestant Poll ( Round 2 Round 3
- David’s birthday message to mom Lupe
- David meeting Shay Carl PIC VID
- Sibling Bonding: The Archuleta Picture Battle
- WWTT: David Archuleta Is Worth Waiting For
- David with grandpa Wili
- More sightings like this
- More tweetpics like this


- David in the Fave AI Contestant Poll (   Semi-Finals Finals Final Result: #2
- David on Instagram
- Meeting new people like Brogan Kelby, niece Baby Violeta and Lexi Mae Walker
- Pics of David with Nandito Ako co-star Byron
- WWTT: Celebrating David Archuleta Day
- David’s Food Tweets like Empanadas
- David’s Mother’s Day sweet message to mom Lupe
- David in Best AI Performance (TV Line)
- More sightings like in Provo
- Visit to Museum of Natural History
- Hanging out with Shay Carl and Jennette McCurdy
- Memorial Day celebration and getting to know Claude Diehl (David’s great grandpa)
- VLOG: I’m Still Alive


 photo ldschat1_zps4bf4f1cb.jpg
- Songwriting in Nashville with  Naima Adedapo and Casey Abrams (AI S10 alums)
- Matt Clayton released never-before-seen David pics taken in Laguna
- TBT pics from MTV host Jim Cantiello and RJ Ferrer from Nandito Ako
- National Best Friend Day with Archuleta Siblings
- Watching Peter Pan the Musical
- David working on the Redeemer cd with Jason Deere
- David’s Father’s Day greeting
- And David losing most of his clothes except few items like the Bench shoes
- David’s World Cup Fever haha
- Sibling Bonding: Hiking with Sisters
- WWTT: You Touch Our Hearts David Archuleta
- LDS Face to Face Event PICS

 photo troopstour2bahrain2_zpsee3f255d.jpg

- LDS Face to Face Event VIDS
- Continuation of David’s World Cup Fever
- VLOG: Sisters Cave
- Face to Face Event transcripts
- 4th of July Greeting
- Quick trip in Costa Rica
- Troops Tour:    Bahrain Kuwait Afghanistan Djibouti Ethiopia
- David’s Bridge Over Troubled Water as background music in I Hear Your Voice
- ArchuCook reunion in Utah where Cook thought he’s on “enemy territory” but David reminds him that he’s on “allied ground”
- Bonding with sis Jazzy


 photo instagram17_zpsc1c7ae28.jpg
- David Sightings
- More about Ethiopia trip
- Watching Wicked the Musical
- The devastating Death of Michael Johns
- Running into Brooke White
- David is again mentioned in Pinoy Henyo
- Release of Called to Serve dvd
- Meeting One Voice Children’s Choir
- Going to a Gladys Knight concert
- Visiting Griffith Observatory in Hollywood
- Getting to know Hipster David (with the moustache) lol
- Seeing Five for Fighting aka John Ondrasik
- Sending off his two younger sisters to school at the start of the schoolyear
- Visiting BYU in Provo, Utah
- Showing dance moves at a Meet the Mormons screening
- The Archuletas participate in ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE!!!
- WWTT: We Love David Archuleta Music
- TBT pics from MyDearWriter of Nandito Ako
- Catching up with Marie Osmond


 photo redeemer1_zps4482dbad.jpg
- Creation of Archie Radio LISTEN HERE
- Remembering 9/11
- Happy Independence Day Chile
- David in Redeemer cd
- Revelation of upcoming events like the RSO event with Lexi Mae Walker
- TBT pics of David in Costa Rica


- The GLORIOUS release!!!
- David the Zelda fan haha
- Another ArchufanTim Allen’s daughter ;)
- Voting for Glorious in Musiqtone
- David at LDS Conference
- Redeemer cd is #1 in Amazon
- Meet the Mormons premiere
- Glorious is #2 in Musiqtone
- WWTT: David Archuleta Sings Glorious
- Songwriting sessions
- Glorious covers like NY PS22 Chorus
- Rising Star Outreach event with Lexi Mae Walker for benefit of leprosy colonies   PICS VIDS
- Nandito Ako rerun on FOX Filipino


 photo BYU-hawaii5_zps7fcee1ab.jpg photo BYU-hawaii6_zps012fc3ed.jpg
- RSO event pics by Bry Cox
- Celebration of Christ – An Interfaith Concert
- Halloween with Avatar
- AP turned 6
- Redeemer CD release
- Pics of NA on Fox Filipino
- Glorious is #3 on Musiqtone
- Glorious Fan Supercut vid
- BYU – Hawaii Visit:  Fireside Pics Fireside Vids Great Ideas Contest
- David and Brooke White collaboration
- WWTT: Almost Christmas David Archuleta
- Live Nativity World Record event
- RootsTech 2015 in February
- Thanksgiving 2014
- When The Son of Man (Comes Again) vid


 photo christmas8_zps7e3f964d.jpg
- Celebration of Christ PICS VIDS
- World Record Live Nativity event   PICS VIDS
- Hanging out with Shay Carl and his wacky family
- Spotted in Light of Nations to support Lupe who is part of the cast
- David’s concern-tweet for the Philippines experiencing typhoon
- Share the Gift event
- David reminiscing his Mormon Tabernacle Choir performance
- David and co-panelists featured on BYU-H mag The Leader
- WWTT: Happy 24th David Archuleta
- 2014 Year-End Get Together
- David in France PICS VID
- The Archuleta Christmas
- David’s 24th Birthday



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David’s Birthday 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!! Check out the birthday greetings for David as he turned 24 (or 6 if you ask Jazzy and Amber lol) ;)

credit to FOD

 photo DAbday2014-1_zps12a6c0b0.jpg

 photo DAbday2014-7_zps45c65385.jpg photo DAbday2014-8_zpsf18110a7.jpg
 photo DAbday2014-9_zps7ce15c69.jpg photo DAbday2014-10_zps3096d4f5.jpg

 photo DAbday2014-6_zps74e1916a.jpg
 photo DAbday2014-4_zps5ebface6.jpg
 photo DAbday2014-5_zps6ef42559.jpg

He’s also mentioned in the local newspaper Philippine Daily Inquirer :)

 photo DAbday2014-11_zps2654e733.jpg

And Marcella made a birthday fanvid :)

credit to Marcella (bluedots)

 photo DAbday2014-2_zps21769260.jpg

Of course, David had to reply ;)

credit to @DavidArchie

 photo DAbday2014-3_zpsf51b7524.jpg

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The Archuleta Christmas 2014

Wanna know how the Archuletas spent their Christmas? It’s made up of memories, Christmas carols, goodies and snow! First, watch David mention his most memorable Christmas then see him lead the singing of Christmas carols (like Campanas de Belen). Meanwhile, Jazzy posted a pic of the goodies in her Christmas stocking :) And lastly, David experienced snow again with Natsu the cat ;) Of course, let’s not forget the meaning of Christmas - the birth of Jesus Christ – as reminded by David ;) Happy Holidays everyone!!!

credit to, @DavidArchie, @jazzypwns

 photo christmas1_zps667b63b9.jpg photo christmas2_zps48e96b45.jpg photo christmas3_zpsf02a2fc3.jpg

 photo christmas5_zps2483e518.jpg photo christmas4_zpsb2b938e4.jpg photo christmas6_zps320354be.jpg

 photo christmas7_zpsb8bf1ad3.jpg

 photo christmas9_zps7d4cfe11.jpg photo christmas8_zps7e3f964d.jpg

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