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PICS: David in Mexico

David was in Mexico for the Meet the Mormons premiere :) Check out the pics below:

credit to @DavidArchie, @kariontour, FOD

 photo mexico2_zps30zd5yzp.jpg

 photo mexico3_zpsusjmtv6c.jpg

 photo mexico4_zpsg6hrsypn.jpg photo mexico5_zpsddhosgf0.jpg

 photo mexico1_zpsw5nqpz6t.jpg

 photo mexico17_zpssfvcoixf.png

 photo mexico10_zpsjlzreasb.jpg

 photo mexico12_zpsn4ovupzg.jpg

 photo mexico11_zpshxmmb2yb.jpg

Click these pics from SUDMexicoOficial, @Cmormonesfilm for more:

 photo mexico6_zpsa87a7ez0.jpg

 photo mexico7_zpsfeetso3i.jpg photo mexico8_zpsnuhpcjqy.jpg photo mexico9_zpswzjothte.jpg

After attending the premiere, David, Kari and company went exploring some pyramids ;)

credit to @DavidArchie, @karisellards

 photo mexico16_zps7p9udgfi.png photo mexico15_zpsvkshi7z2.jpg

 photo mexico14_zpsyjltz3xv.jpg photo mexico13_zpsgry69b0t.jpg

Nunca Pense Lyrics

Here’s the lyrics for Nunca Pensé (which means I Never Thought):

credit to @BaroneSteph and FOD
 photo nunca pense1_zpsap8k7odo.jpg

And watch the full Studio C LipSynch Battle with Stacey (It’s Not Unusual by Tom Jones) and Mallory (Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson). But David comes in and crushes the competition with Jump by Van Halen haha..

credit to grlarson, FOD

VIDS: RootsTech 2015


The setlist includes: David‘s amazing cover of the Justin Timberlake song MIRRORS; DON’T RUN AWAY (the first time to be performed live); GLORIOUS; and the Spanish song NUNCA PENSE :) But first, the music video for Nunca Pense (filmed in Costa Rica) was shown ;)

First group of vids are from ShelleyFOD (filmed on stage and on screen – very clear) :)

credit to ShelleyFOD






Next group of vids are from Liza (mostly filmed on screen but included David’s ramblings haha) and check out the lipsynch contest with David and Studio C to the Van Halen‘s song Jump ;)

credit to 1lizd









PICS: RootsTech 2015

And David‘s back on stage!!! He performed at RootsTech 2015 event in Salt Palace – Utah :) Check out these pics:

credit to @DavidArchie

 photo rootstech1_zps7ggbdkzu.jpg

credit to @karisellards

 photo rootstech2015-1_zpswesotlav.jpg photo rootstech2015-2_zpspohgwj4e.jpg

credit to @ginaorr

 photo rootstech2015-3_zpsv9mffolx.jpg photo rootstech2015-4_zpsyw7xk3n2.jpg photo rootstech2015-5_zpseeator4v.jpg

And here’s David with Kari and Gina ;)

 photo rootstech3_zps7tyfavpb.jpg

With the Studio C cast

credit to @DavidArchie, @StudioC_tv

 photo rootstech13_zpsbqutvzbk.jpg
 photo rootstech12_zpsuwnhycok.jpg

 photo rootstech8_zps9pqqlyc4.jpg
 photo rootstech2015-7_zpsasujftku.jpg

With the Archuband

credit to @bartolson

 photo rootstech14_zpsmrvezqrg.jpg

And pics from many excited fans!!!

credit to FOD

 photo rootstech2_zps727akjmb.jpg  photo rootstech2015-9_zpspxcjai6r.jpg photo rootstech2015-6_zps9okyoglc.jpg  photo rootstech2015-8_zpsszjfxoth.jpg  photo rootstech5_zpsfqcabxhl.jpg photo rootstech9_zpspmbssnum.jpg  photo rootstech11_zpsnva8dlyx.jpg

And finally, screencaps from “Nunca Pense” vid (aka Costa Rica vid)

 photo rootstech2015-10_zpsxd24uaqt.jpg

TBT Pic: Night Safari

Check out this throwback pic from David‘s Costa Rica trip – courtesy of Kari :)

credit to @karisellards, FOD

 photo tbt1_zpsfvjcreah.png photo tbt2_zpssgqvuxy1.png

BLOG: Social Media Break

David recently took a social media break to focus on his songwriting :) Read his blog about his experience:

credit to @DavidArchie

 photo break1_zps3hqqsc8u.jpg photo break2_zps2mnoeidf.jpg photo break3_zps6gwmy1e4.jpg

Click on the pic to read the rest of the blog:

 photo break4_zpss4buqivg.jpg

And this “break” might bring something awesome ;)

credit to @jennettemccurdy, @ginaorr, FOD

 photo tweet1_zpsvxwr9vmo.png

PICS: David with Stephanie Mabey

Glorious songwriter Stephanie Mabey continues collaborating with David in Nashville :)

credit to @DavidArchie

 photo stephanie1_zpshowo77gs.png photo stephanie2_zpshafjm9lx.jpg photo stephanie3_zpscq5b16hd.jpg

They even supported fellow musician Seth Glier by going to his gig at the Bluebird Cafe :)

credit to @sethglier and FOD

 photo sethglier1_zpsj8jefei9.jpg photo sethglier2_zps9klnxvpz.jpg

WWTT: Moving Forward David Archuleta

Another successful FOD trending party!! The encouraging message Moving Forward David Archuleta became a worldwide trending topic — thanks to all the Archufans ;)

credit to FOD and pocoelsy

 photo wwtt2_zpsuokvbwar.jpg
 photo wwtt4_zpsyxuepdzz.jpg photo wwtt3_zpsbhvu9bos.jpg
 photo wwtt1_zps4kon0ua9.jpg

PICS: David with the Songwriters

David is working with awesome musicians in Nashville :) Here are some of them:

credit to @isabeaumiller, camillenelsonmusic, FOD

 photo songwriter1_zpskp3frqwz.jpg photo songwriter2_zpsyybjpdod.jpg photo songwriter3_zpskf8haabo.jpg photo songwriter8_zpsdwmi7fub.jpg photo songwriter9_zps4zejjllg.jpg
 photo songwriter10_zps5he7zubl.jpg

credit to @gab_trap, FOD

 photo songwriter4_zpsxpy5jppp.png photo songwriter5_zpsl8jpb9dg.png

And here is David (in suit and tie!!) at Sunset Boulevard Studios ;)

credit to FOD

 photo songwriter6_zpsmquurnvn.png photo songwriter7_zpsb8c2pijg.jpg

PIC: Songwriting in Nashville

David is working with songwriter Stephanie Mabey in Nashville :) We’ll be waiting for those new music (but no pressure *wink*), David!!!

credit to @stephaniemabey and FOD

 photo smabey1_zpsak8em3aa.jpg photo smabey2_zpsg5jbf24o.jpg

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