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Archie Radio

Wanna listen to David all day? Now you can — through Archie Radio!!! It’s a webradio created by Morris and Radio Everyone in Italy and would officially start broadcasting on October 1 (although the channel is already open) :) Be sure to tune in!!!

credit to FOD and RadioEveryone Milano

 photo archie-radio_zpse5e2937b.jpg photo radioeveryone-milano-fb_zpsde1781cb.jpg

For more info, read this

In This Moment cover by Octopodes

Johns Hopkins University‘s acapella group Octopodes did a cover of David‘s In This Moment :) Click the pics to read the article and watch the vid:

credit to FOD

 photo octopodes1_zps4f8e4dee.jpg

 photo octopodes2_zps9a34586c.jpg

@DavidArchie’s Full CASBAA Set! Ty @Larissa_SG!


And the audio is so crisp! Thank you so much, Larissa!

David Archuleta at CASBAA from Larissa Cheong on Vimeo.

Now, we just need go-getters to make mp3′s from this capture! Woot! lol

David’s interview with HitzFM Morning Crew


David had an interview with JJ and Ean of HitzFM’s Morning Crew in Malaysia. He talked about his wrestling name, the Spanish lullaby his mom used to sing to him, and of course, his favorite topic: (Central American) FOOD!!! :D He even mentioned wanting to work with Eminem ;)

credit to JRforDa2011

Interview w/JJ & Ean of HITZfm’s Morning Crew

David got *bleeped* Haha.

New Songs from TOSOD Asian Tour Edition!!!

At last, we get to hear the new songs!!! :D Don’t forget to grab your copy of TOSOD Asian Tour Edition album!!! Happy listening!!!

Love Don’t Hate


Don’t know what I was thinking
I messed and now we’re sinking
Said things I didn’t mean
Hard to watch your heart breaking

Words cut like razor blades
and left you with a scar
Made a mistake I can’t erase
Oh I was wrong
Took you for granted
And I can’t stand it
Shouldn’t be that way
Cause love don’t hate, hate
Love don’t hate, hate

You said that you need time
Cause hurt don’t heal overnight
It’s not enough to apologize oh
What I did wrong I need to make right

Repeat Chorus

I should’ve listened
I should’ve met you in the middle
Like I needed to
Nobody’s perfect
No fight is worth the risk
If it’s gonna mean losing you
I should’ve listened
I should’ve listened

Repeat Chrous

I should’ve listened- repeat 3x

credit to DAsquaredmusic


Notice Me (Studio Version)

credit to BUBBLiiC0US



credit to TheDatvientan

David’s radio campaign for MDA!

David’s heart just keeps on giving :D He lends his voice to have public service announcements for Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). Remember when he first sang Things Are Gonna Get Better at last year’s MDA Telethon? ;) For more info, check out

credit to JRforDA2011!

David Archuleta 15-sec PSA for MDA

David Archuleta 30-sec PSA for MDA

NEW SONG!!! “Everything and More”

Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh!!! After  hearing that David would release 5 NEW songs in the Asian edition of The Other Side of Down, now we get to hear a NEW SONG!!! :D Entitled “Everything and More”, it is co-written by David with Victoria Horn (Lady V) and Matt Squire. It premiered in Singapore Radio 93.1 Today’s Best Music. Remember, purchase David’s music legally (buy the TOSOD Asian edition once it comes out) ;)

David Archuleta -- Everything and More

credit to cristobalite4126


Brand New Song -- EVERYTHING & MORE (w/ LYRICS)

credit to JRforDA2011


Lyrics (credit to jackryan4david)

You see the storm headin’ our way
I know the cold can make things delay
Up here it can’t do any harm

The cracks show in the concrete jungle
Tear apart the weakest of hearts
Up here you’ll be safe in my arms, ooohhh

I know that you’re feelin’
Like we’re only dreamin’
Don’t look down coz this is real

Like a satellite we’re flyin’
Overhead where we see it all
Nothing can touch us
We’re everything and more
There’s no turning back from this point
Reaching heights like never before
Nothing can touch us
We’re everything, were everything and more

Let’s try holdin’ each other
Found a love to last forever
Up here gives you wings to stay strong, ooh

The air is pure now that we’re breathin’
Somethin’ to believe in
‘Cause up here it’s where we both belong


Trust me this is worth
Not falling back to earth
Everything and more
Is up here

Like a satellite we’re flyin’
Overhead where we see it all
Nothing can touch us
We’re everything and more
There’s no turning back from this point
Reaching heights like never before
Nothing can touch us
We’re everything and more
Nothing can touch us
We’re everything, were everything and more

we’re everything and more

One Voice Children’s Choir CD featuring David Archuleta!



Featuring a guest artist, David Archuleta!

One Voice Children’s Choir is the former 2002 Winter Olympic Children’s Choir. They continue to share their light within through inspirational music composed and arranged by their director Masa Fukuda. The choir consists of 120 children from Salt Lake and Utah Valley.

David sings “Power In Purity”. Click HERE to listen :)

More audio clips here!

“You Alone” – LISTEN
“The Best I Can” – LISTEN

Archies to David: We’re Not Going Anywhere…

I was just randomly checking Youtube when I came across this song…
I think this is the best song for David.. from all his fans…

No matter how this road ends
I will always be there

I’m not going anywhere
I won’t ever leave

Never let you fall
I swear, I’m not going anywhere

Michael Johns – Not Going Anywhere

Read the rest of this entry »

Radio Interview: David @ KYSM!

KYSM interviews David! He talks about rubbing elbows with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pat-a-pan and FOX’s New Year’s Eve Special! :) David talks ‘Elevator’. The DJ finds Elevator a ‘fun song’! COOL! He even calls it “The Elevator Song”. Haha. A pretty cool interview! Take a listen! :)

ty @FerjiPerj for the file!

Stream here!

You may download the file here: zshare | direct (right click & save as)

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