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PICS: David in Djibouti and Ethiopia

Check out David‘s instagram posts and tweets about his Djibouti and Ethiopia visits :) Look at David the Teletubby ;)

credit to @DavidArchie

 photo troopstourdjibouti3_zps83dedd9a.jpg

 photo troopstourdjibouti4_zpsae886ecc.jpg

 photo ethiopia1_zps16dfcf5e.jpg

Troops Tour: Djibouti

The last stop of the Military Tour is in Djibouti, a country in Africa. Here are the experiences of the “Fearsome Foursome” ;) See David in a bomb-defusal suit and doing push-ups!!

credit to @DavidArchie, DeanKaelin, and Jason Hewlett

 photo troopstourdjibouti1_zps4dc18c3a.jpg

 photo deanjuly21-2_zpsf8fc30bc.jpg photo troopstourdjibouti2_zps445d7156.jpg photo troopstourdjibouti8_zps9a56a0bd.jpg

 photo jasonblog1_zpsedcb23fc.jpg photo IMG_5660-1024x764_zps1da16559.jpg

Troops Tour: Back in Kuwait

The group went back to Kuwait after their Afghanistan shows. Read Dean‘s blog about the heartfelt moments with David and the troops :) David is such a kind-hearted person ;)

credit to @DavidArchie and DeanKaelin

 photo davidtweetsbackkuwait_zpsb313bcef.jpg

 photo deanjuly20_zpsc845358a.jpg

 photo deanjuly21_zpsc11f078f.jpg

 photo deanjuly21-1_zpsde37d871.jpg

Read an article about the Kuwait tour below:

 photo troopstour2kuwait6_zps787c4ff2.jpg

#TBT Pics featuring David

Check out these #throwback pics featuring David, including one from his Costa Rica trip before the military tour ;)

credit to FOD

 photo tbt1_zpsfc5f2a03.png

 photo tbt2_zps545a46ff.png photo tbt3_zpsc3470dcc.jpg

 photo costarica7_zpsaa28d90e.jpg photo costarica8_zps6a6baf8f.jpg

Troops Tour: More Afghanistan Updates

Here are more updates from David, Dean, Dan and Jason about their experience in Afghanistan :)

credit to @DavidArchie, DeanKaelin, DanClark, and FOD

David wrote a blog from Afghanistan and even has a pic of him wearing a camouflage ;)

 photo awesomedavid_zpsce14c553.jpg photo da-blog_zps4123855c.jpg

David thanks the troops for their warm welcome :)

 photo davidtweetsafghanistan1_zps8083b469.jpg

Dean regularly updates his Facebook page with stories and photos :)

 photo deanjuly17_zpsda140464.jpg

 photo deanjuly18_zps376eea58.jpg

 photo deanjuly19_zpsb2c0284c.jpg

 photo deanjuly19-2_zpsc2924f90.jpg

Dan shared a sneak peek into their shows (click on the pic to watch) :) Read also his blog below:

 photo danjuly17_zps6cd42770.jpg

 photo danjuly18_zps33cb4e97.jpg

 photo danjuly21_zps46aaae36.jpg

 photo danblog2_zps43d416eb.jpg

 photo danblog3_zps95b64c2f.jpg

For more pics, click the pics below:

 photo flickrjuly18-1_zps42955f72.jpg photo flickrjuly18-2_zps95d5bfd9.jpg

Salt Lake Tribune also wrote an article about the tour :)

 photo troopstourafghanistan20_zps41807e3c.jpg

Troops Tour: Afghanistan

After asking permission if he could share some details about their stay and show in Afghanistan, Dean Kaelin posted his experience and some pics.

credit to DeanKaelin, @DavidArchie and US Army

 photo troopstourafghanistan9_zps84f9a123.jpg

US Army expressed their gratitude to David and the group for visiting them :)

 photo troopstourafghanistan5_zps2c075cb6.jpg

 photo troopstourafghanistan10_zps813e18d9.jpg

 photo troopstourafghanistan6_zps54a11b83.jpg

David also replied and thanked the US troops ;)

 photo troopstourafghanistan4_zpsa9eb2bc0.jpg photo troopstourafghanistan7_zps9623f0ea.jpg photo troopstourafghanistan8_zpsf2bb4a00.jpg

Troops Tour: Bahrain Day 2

It’s Day 2 in Bahrain!!! Check out Dean‘s post, Jason‘s blog, and David‘s pics and tweets ;)

credit to DeanKaelin, JasonHewlett and DavidArchie

 photo deanjuly11_zpsc6a660da.jpg

 photo troopstour2bahrain1_zps241661be.jpg

 photo troopstour2bahrain2_zpsee3f255d.jpg

 photo troopstour2bahrain3_zpse2363515.jpg  photo troopstourbahrain5_zps95d35a57.jpg

#TBT Nandito Ako Pic

A #TBT Nandito Ako pic posted by MyDearWriter — good memories indeed ;)

credit to MyDearWriter

 photo tbtNA_zps092c1232.jpg

Troops Tour: Bahrain

Troops Tour Update!!! David, Dean Kaelin, Dan Clark, and Jason Hewlett landed in Bahrain!!! Check out the first stop in their tour:

credit to @DavidArchie

 photo troopstourbahrain4_zpsda6b2cb4.jpg

Follow David and read Jason‘s blogs (with pictures!!!) by clicking the pics:

credit to JasonHewlett

 photo troopstourbahrain1_zps599923d5.jpg  photo troopstourbahrain2_zps26595510.jpg

And watch a sneak peek of David‘s performance of Crush in Bahrain ;)

credit to @ohailuna

 photo troopstourbahrain3_zps5a4fb583.jpg

More Info about the Troops Tour

David‘s vocal coach Dean Kaelin joined him in the Troops Tour :) Check out more info below:

credit to Anna Kaelin, Dean Kaelin, and Jason Hewlett

 photo troopstour1_zps2ee4c03a.png

 photo troopstour2_zps2de82150.jpg

 photo troopstour3_zpsde0216c3.jpg

Don't Run Away
 photo DA_DontRunAway_zps4645dce6.jpg

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