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PIC: Songwriting in Nashville

David is working with songwriter Stephanie Mabey in Nashville :) We’ll be waiting for those new music (but no pressure *wink*), David!!!

credit to @stephaniemabey and FOD

 photo smabey1_zpsak8em3aa.jpg photo smabey2_zpsg5jbf24o.jpg

David’s First Blog for 2015

David wrote an insightful and revealing blog for all his Archufans :) David, always remember YOU CAN and YOU MATTER!!! The Archufans are here to support you ;)

credit to @DavidArchie

 photo blog1_zps92c8eebf.jpg photo blog3_zps6327b23d.jpg photo blog2_zps81467f74.jpg

Click on the last pic to read the full blog :)

Happy New Year 2015

See David‘s greeting for the new year :) And look who’s hiding LOL…

credit to @DavidArchie

 photo instagram1_zps633f2924.jpg

David’s Birthday 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!! Check out the birthday greetings for David as he turned 24 (or 6 if you ask Jazzy and Amber lol) ;)

credit to FOD

 photo DAbday2014-1_zps12a6c0b0.jpg

 photo DAbday2014-7_zps45c65385.jpg photo DAbday2014-8_zpsf18110a7.jpg
 photo DAbday2014-9_zps7ce15c69.jpg photo DAbday2014-10_zps3096d4f5.jpg

 photo DAbday2014-6_zps74e1916a.jpg
 photo DAbday2014-4_zps5ebface6.jpg
 photo DAbday2014-5_zps6ef42559.jpg

He’s also mentioned in the local newspaper Philippine Daily Inquirer :)

 photo DAbday2014-11_zps2654e733.jpg

And Marcella made a birthday fanvid :)

credit to Marcella (bluedots)

 photo DAbday2014-2_zps21769260.jpg

Of course, David had to reply ;)

credit to @DavidArchie

 photo DAbday2014-3_zpsf51b7524.jpg

The Archuleta Christmas 2014

Wanna know how the Archuletas spent their Christmas? It’s made up of memories, Christmas carols, goodies and snow! First, watch David mention his most memorable Christmas then see him lead the singing of Christmas carols (like Campanas de Belen). Meanwhile, Jazzy posted a pic of the goodies in her Christmas stocking :) And lastly, David experienced snow again with Natsu the cat ;) Of course, let’s not forget the meaning of Christmas - the birth of Jesus Christ – as reminded by David ;) Happy Holidays everyone!!!

credit to, @DavidArchie, @jazzypwns

 photo christmas1_zps667b63b9.jpg photo christmas2_zps48e96b45.jpg photo christmas3_zpsf02a2fc3.jpg

 photo christmas5_zps2483e518.jpg photo christmas4_zpsb2b938e4.jpg photo christmas6_zps320354be.jpg

 photo christmas7_zpsb8bf1ad3.jpg

 photo christmas9_zps7d4cfe11.jpg photo christmas8_zps7e3f964d.jpg

PICS: David in France

Bonjour, David!!! Check out David‘s pics in France courtesy of the excited and adorable Archufans ;)

credit to @pocoelsy, @intojustinsarms, FOD

 photo  france1_zps713c01c0.png
 photo  france2_zps7711f515.png
 photo france3_zps2fbd615b.jpg

 photo france8_zps2b269de0.png
 photo france9_zps66e02cd2.png
 photo france7_zps3c9e1d1e.png
 photo france4_zps1c2be9b2.jpg
 photo france5_zps30bc9912.jpg
 photo france6_zpsd36eb4ac.jpg

WWTT: Happy 24th David Archuleta

The last FOD trending party for 2014 was a success!!! Happy 24th David Archuleta - an early birthday greeting for David became a worldwide trending topic ;) Awesome job, Archufans!!!

credit to pocoelsy, shadowbenny, FOD

 photo wwttHBD2014_zpse21a0fb5.jpeg
 photo WWTT14_zpsbb16b463.jpg
 photo WWTT15_zps7f4b6449.png
 photo WWTT16_zpsb50a1e10.jpg

New Song from David and Brooke

Finally, the David-Brooke collaboration can be heard!!! The song Cherry Lane is included in Brooke White‘s album Brooke White & Friends: Never Grow Up which aims to support O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad), an organization that rescues kidnapped children.

credit to @DavidArchie and PledgeMusic

 photo cherrylane1_zps7f3e14d5.jpg photo cherrylane6_zpsb5dfcd53.jpg
 photo cherrylane3_zps65bbff21.jpg
 photo cherrylane5_zpsa05be8f0.jpg

To hear Cherry Lane streaming and learn more about the project, click the pic below:

 photo cherrylane4_zpsf9512781.jpg

David’s Typhoon Tweet

David tweeted his concern about the recent typhoon hitting here in the Philippinesthanks David!!

credit to @DavidArchie, @SanneLelie

 photo davidtweet5_zps39ba28ec.jpg

This tweet even appeared on the national train paper Metro in the Netherlands :)

 photo metro1_zps83c1ff91.png

VIDS: World Record Live Nativity

Here are some of the behind-the-scenes vids of the World Record Live Nativity event :)

credit to EvynneHollens, Jarvie, DevinGraham

Here is now the video of Angels, From The Realms of Glory ;)

credit to @DavidArchie and ThePianoGuys

 photo nativityrecord20_zps16f8f75b.jpg
 photo nativityrecord21_zpsefad6c1a.jpg

For a free download of the song, click on the pic below:

 photo nativityrecord17_zps8aa95bdb.jpg

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