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WWTT: David Archuleta Sings Glorious

Awesome job, go-getters!!! David Archuleta Sings Glorious became a worldwide trending topic just after 9 minutes :)

credit to FOD

 photo WWTT7_zpsbf87d1a4.jpg
 photo WWTT8_zps207396ed.png
 photo WWTT9_zps785a8b48.jpg
 photo pocoelsy_zpsb73e75d5.jpg

Chart Talk: #2 in Musiqtone

David‘s new song Glorious debuts at #2 in Musiqtone!!! Great job and keep voting, Archufans ;)

credit to FOD

 photo musiqtone6_zpsffda28a7.jpg photo musiqtone5_zps8cf2bf14.png

More from MTM Premiere

Here are more pics and vids from the Meet The Mormons movie premiere :)

credit to @DavidArchie, @MeetTheMormons and FOD

Check out what David thinks about the movie by clicking the pic below:

 photo mtm5_zpsb01552ce.jpg

David sang Happy Birthday to Meet The Mormons cast member Gail Halvorsen who turned 94 :)

 photo mtm7_zps08db4118.jpg photo mtm8_zps2ef251c5.jpg photo mtm6_zps7f79b4d1.jpg

And read Ashley Sargeant‘s inspiring encounter with David ;)

 photo mtm9_zps5ded430f.jpg

David with Lupe at MTM Premiere

David attended the movie premiere of Meet The Mormons and brought “the best date in the world” — his mom Lupe :)

credit to @DavidArchie

 photo mtm3_zps388dd01f.jpg photo mtm1_zps60b1e385.jpg photo mtm2_zpsd4c4f00d.jpg

See more pics from the event below:

credit to FOD

 photo David-and-Lupe-with-Elder-Holland-MTM_zps2ef34253.jpg photo David-Elder-Holland-Lupe-MTM_zps86287d41.jpg

 photo David-Lupe-and-The-Missionary-MTM_zps06aa9f9a.jpg

 photo Utah-Red-Cross-crdit-Heidi-Ruster-MTM_zpsbd7f35a2.jpg photo Utah-Red-Cross-tweets-about-MTM_zps1f68341f.jpg

David also met some friends ;)

Marie Osmond
 photo MArie-lupe-david-pic-3_zpsa1744a9b.jpg photo MArie-Osmond-with-Lupe-and-David-MTM_zps0f9bc173.jpg photo MArie-Osmond-David-Osmond-austin-Sperry-David-Archuleta-MTM_zpsb0123e48.jpg

David Osmond
 photo David-Osmond-and-David-MTM_zps328e3267.jpg

Glorious writer Stephanie Mabey
 photo Stephanie-mabey-and-David-MTM_zps1e1e7784.jpg

Aja Volkman (Nica Vega), Elaine Bradley (Neon Trees),

Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons)
 photo Imagine-Neon-Archuleta-Vega-together-at-MTM_zps241361e2.jpg

Shay and Colette Carl
 photo Shay-Carl-with-David-and-his-wife-at-MTM_zps5250cef7.jpg

Lexi Mae Walker
 photo LEximaewalker-David-Lupe-her-mom-MTM_zps5ca87a19.jpg

Check out more pics from the premiere by clicking the pic below:

 photo mtm4_zpsc40811e3.jpg

PIC: David at the LDS Conference

Check out David‘s pic at the LDS Annual General Conference :)

credit to @DavidArchie

 photo ldscon1_zps972ab806.jpg

David is a Zelda fan

David can’t contain his excitement when the new Legend of Zelda game came out ;) Click the pic to watch:

credit to @DavidArchie

 photo zelda1_zps3f32e263.png photo zelda2_zps88bd421a.jpg

David’s Upcoming Events

Here are some of David‘s upcoming appearances, projects and events :) Be sure to check them out:

credit to FOD and @DavidArchie

He continues to have songwriting sessions with other writers like Stephanie Mabey (so excited for new songs!!!)

 photo songwriting1_zpsac049d1d.jpg

This Sunday, David would have an interview with fm100 and listeners can hearĀ Glorious — the song that David sang forĀ “Meet the Mormons” movie

 photo interview1_zps090e0663.jpg photo interview2_zps50863ffe.jpg

And next month, he would be performing with fellow Utahn Lexi Mae Walker at the Rising Star Outreach private event which aims to improve the lives in leprosy colonies

 photo event1_zps9bf99439.jpg

David in Redeemer CD

David is featured in Jason Deere and Nashville Tribute Band cd called Redeemer: Tribute to Jesus Christ :) David sang When the Son of Man (Come Again) and the album release will be on November 4.

credit to DeseretBook and FOD

 photo redeemer1_zps4482dbad.jpg photo redeemer2_zpsb2f5f393.jpg

Check out the sample of the song below:

credit to JackRyan

David and his Sisters

David enjoys bonding time with his sisters, just look at Jazzy‘s tweet ;)

credit to @jazzypwns

 photo davidandsis1_zpsc64cfe8b.jpg

And Jazzy summed it up with this sweet tweet:

 photo davidandsis2_zps8e6ea763.jpg

David greets Chile

September 18 is Chile’s Independence Day and David tweeted his greetings in Spanish :) Here’s the rough translation: “Happy September 18 Chilean !! :) We enjoy these national holidays eating empanadas and dancing cuecas!”

credit to @DavidArchie

 photo chile1_zpsed62a560.png photo chile2_zps96addbe7.png photo chile3_zpsbb8e34ac.jpg

Don't Run Away
 photo DA_DontRunAway_zps4645dce6.jpg

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