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New Song from David and Brooke

Finally, the David-Brooke collaboration can be heard!!! The song Cherry Lane is included in Brooke White‘s album Brooke White & Friends: Never Grow Up which aims to support O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad), an organization that rescues kidnapped children.

credit to @DavidArchie and PledgeMusic

 photo cherrylane1_zps7f3e14d5.jpg photo cherrylane6_zpsb5dfcd53.jpg
 photo cherrylane3_zps65bbff21.jpg
 photo cherrylane5_zpsa05be8f0.jpg

To hear Cherry Lane streaming and learn more about the project, click the pic below:

 photo cherrylane4_zpsf9512781.jpg

David’s Typhoon Tweet

David tweeted his concern about the recent typhoon hitting here in the Philippinesthanks David!!

credit to @DavidArchie, @SanneLelie

 photo davidtweet5_zps39ba28ec.jpg

This tweet even appeared on the national train paper Metro in the Netherlands :)

 photo metro1_zps83c1ff91.png

VIDS: World Record Live Nativity

Here are some of the behind-the-scenes vids of the World Record Live Nativity event :)

credit to EvynneHollens, Jarvie, DevinGraham

Here is now the video of Angels, From The Realms of Glory ;)

credit to @DavidArchie and ThePianoGuys

 photo nativityrecord20_zps16f8f75b.jpg
 photo nativityrecord21_zpsefad6c1a.jpg

For a free download of the song, click on the pic below:

 photo nativityrecord17_zps8aa95bdb.jpg

VIDS: Celebration of Christ

The Celebration of Christ: Interfaith Concert was held on November 28 (one concert) and November 29 (two concerts) :) David performed The First Noel, Do Your Hear What I Hear with Kevin Olusola (cello) and Taryn Elkins (piano), Glorious with OneVoice Children’s Choir, Silent Night, and Believe. Watch the vids below:

credit to FOD, 8throwcenter, 1lizd

The First Noel

Do You Hear What I Hear


Silent Night


Curtain Call

The November 29 concerts (Afternoon and Evening) were filmed for the DVD so pics and vids are not allowed but some ninja Archufans managed to get a few of those performances ;)

Silent Night (Afternoon)

Believe (Afternoon)

Do You Hear What I Hear (Evening)

Glorious (Evening)

Here are some details about the “upcoming” DVD :)

credit to FOD and @InterfConcert

 photo COC3_zps13bb766a.png photo coc20_zps99a8aaa8.jpg

PICS: Celebration of Christ

David performed at the Celebration of Christ: An Interfaith Concert in Capitol TheaterSalt Lake City, Utah :) Check out the pics from that event:

credit to @DavidArchie, @Kolusola, @kariontour, FOD

 photo COC2_zpsaff682b5.jpg photo COC1_zps4a18d0b7.jpg

David shared the stage with Kevin Olusola from Pentatonix who tweeted kind words about David ;)

 photo COC4_zps8c625084.jpg photo COC5_zpsff611fad.jpg photo coc6_zps7f8ce768.jpg

Kari was also present and got to take a pic with David and Jeremy Guthrie, the pitcher of the Kansas City Royals :)

 photo coc7_zps9694aaf7.jpg photo coc8_zps33435e49.jpg

David‘s good friend and songwriter Sunny Hilden also made the trip :)

 photo coc21_zps2ceabeb9.jpg photo coc22_zps8efd5fc9.jpg

Check out more pics below:

credit to @celebrationofchrist, @1VoiceChildrens, FOD

 photo coc9_zpse830eef1.png photo COC10_zpscb35a885.png
 photo coc11_zps075fb644.png photo coc12_zps6a3a31e8.png photo coc13_zps6021c33b.png
 photo coc14_zpsaae90346.jpg photo coc15_zps628b3db6.jpg photo coc16_zps98605077.jpg photo coc17_zps2a75e486.jpg photo coc18_zps51c3e256.jpg photo coc19_zpse1c29716.jpg

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Check out how David and his family celebrate Thanksgiving!!! Bring on the pies and turkey ;)

credit to @DavidArchie, @jazzypwns, @ahmki

 photo thanksgiving2014-1_zpsaa94baba.jpg photo thanksgiving2014-2_zps03a65a74.jpg photo thanksgiving2014-3_zpse39bbcab.jpg photo thanksgiving2014-4_zpsf97198b0.jpg photo thanksgiving2014-5_zps02c9f7cc.jpg

COC Rehearsal of One Voice with David

Check out David‘s Glorious rehearsal with One Voice Children’s Choir for the Celebration of Christ – Interfaith Concert :)

credit to OneVoiceChildren’sChoir and FOD

 photo OVCrehearsal9_zpsd4ec9120.jpg photo OVCrehearsal1_zps33fd6621.jpg photo OVCrehearsal2_zps7fcd061c.jpg photo OVCrehearsal3_zpse900a27f.jpg photo OVCrehearsal4_zps8e682432.jpg photo OVCrehearsal5_zpscaa658ea.jpg photo OVCrehearsal6_zpsed457cf8.jpg photo OVCrehearsal7_zpseb8e7e76.jpg photo OVCrehearsal8_zps8b740cb2.jpg


Looks like David has plans for Hearts Day next year ;) He is set to perform new songs (!!) at the RootsTech2015 closing event in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 14. Can’t wait to hear new music from David!!!  See more details below:

credit to

 photo rootstech2_zpsf5791278.jpg photo rootstech1_zps8451ed5e.jpg

PICS: David in BYUH Great Ideas Contest

After the fireside, David became a judge (along with his co-panelists) at the Great Ideas video contest for the BYU Hawaii business students :) He also shared words of advice to the students! Check out the pics:

credit to BYU-Hawaii, FOD

 photo BYU-hawaii2_zpse7ff8fba.jpg

 photo BYUH-7_zps5e0ddda4.jpg
 photo BYUH-8_zpsccf47ac1.jpg
 photo BYUH-9_zps503e655f.jpg
 photo BYUH-11_zps45484f84.jpg photo BYUH-10_zps1c3fec1f.jpg

 photo BYUH-4_zpse6d2b8d3.png photo BYUH-3_zps3bab7ef8.png

After that, David explored the North Shore of Oahu including visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center, Keana Farms and trying out Climb Works zipline ;)

credit to @DavidArchie, FOD, KeanaFarms

 photo BYU-hawaii8_zpse46dada0.png photo BYU-hawaii5_zps7fcee1ab.jpg photo BYU-hawaii7_zpsa20d69b7.png
 photo BYUH-5_zpsabb1fbe8.jpg
 photo BYUH-6_zpsefb7fa24.jpg photo BYU-hawaii6_zps012fc3ed.jpg

PICS: David in BYUH Fireside

David was invited in Brigham Young University (BYU) – Hawaii to participate in a panel about Living the Gospel Under A Global Spotlight :) Among the panel was three YouTube artists: Tiffany Alvord, Devin Graham, and Stuart Edge. David sang If the Savior Stood Beside Me after the panel!! Below are the pics:

credit to @DavidArchie, FOD, BYU-Hawaii

 photo BYU-hawaii1_zps2a9e7066.png

 photo BYU-hawaii3_zpsc6c6ba46.jpg

 photo byu-hawaii23_zpsf13a0c89.jpg
 photo BYU-hawaii22_zps8502ddb6.jpg
 photo byu-hawaii24_zpsd82c3b8d.jpg
 photo BYU-hawaii19_zps24d71e7b.jpg
 photo BYU-hawaii20_zps4fe1add7.jpg

For more pics and recap, check out Kalei from FOD’s post here

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