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by Nino Mark Sablan

When I had a one-on-one interview with David Archuleta at the Close Up Pyromusical last February 11, he mentioned that he had to extend his stay in the country for a week because of more projects.

As it turns out, one of the projects is an endorsement deal with Bench and Bench Fix. Why didn’t I see that coming? Come to think of it, David–with his boyish good looks and undeniable charm–is perfect for Bench.

Just look at the photos.

I got to see David again when he was launched by the brand as their newest face, and basing on the reaction of the crowd in Trinoma last February 17, it looks like Bench hit the jackpot with him.

heck out these plus some behind-the-scenes photos. I can’t wait to see his in-store photos and billboards.

I will surely miss him while he’s busy with his two-year break from the entertainment industry. Good thing his TV5 show Nandito Ako is already on air, and a new all-OPM album will be released very soon.

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Malaya: ‘Archie’ craze at Pyromusical Show

‘Archie’ craze at pyromusical show

“American Idol” heartthrob David Archuleta drew in loud cheers from the crowd and made hearts aflutter during the biggest and grandest event – “Close Up Pyropalooza” – truly making it the hottest and most romantic date.

With South Border’s Jay Durias on the keyboard, Archuleta brought the Pyropalooza stage down when he sang his hit “Something About Love” and OPM classic “Wherever You Are.” But it was his rendition of the popular love song and theme song for his upcoming mini-series on TV5 “Nandito Ako,” which truly captivated the audience’s heart.

Joining Archuleta at “Pyropalooza’s” fantastic musical concert, were Zia Quizon who delivered soulful love songs; bands Indios and Never The Strangers which set the mood right for couples to get closer; and online sensation and real-life couple Jamich whose sweet performance made lovebirds reminisce about their own love story.

Another highlight of the event was a special Close Up pyromusical number featuring the timeless Close Up classic “Closer You and I,” which made everyone fall in love all over again.

Hosted by DJ Jessica and DJ Josh Strike of Magic 89.9, the “Pyropalooza” was the prelude to the “Close Up Pyromusical,” the grandest fireworks exhibition and competition of some of the world’s top pyro masters. The event will continue every Saturday and will have a grand culmination on March 17, 2012.

Get free access to the shows by simply exchanging P100 proof of purchase of any Close Up product for a free ticket worth P100, or 50% discount on P300 or P500 tickets at the SM Mall of Asia Booths.



From the Phil. Star Supreme

ty jokjoken!

Confessions of an Addict

The Top 10 Stalking Moments – Part 2


Quote from Confessions, January 26  - “You know how I love to keep everyone hanging.”


Hey ya guys!  After two weeks of silence, I truly left everyone hanging…  LOL.  I am back to give you the top half of the stalking moments.  You see for some time there, I was stuck between amusement and thrill upon reading your reactions about the bottom half. So yeah, now that we know that there is a HUGE possibility that David is coming over to the Philippines in April, then perhaps, we might need some more advice on how to “properly” stalk him.  LOL.  Kidding!


To cap off the top 10 stalking moments, I now bring you these top five wonderful and inspiring stories…  Enjoy!



5) Case: Meet the Parents

Victim/s: David Archuleta’s Parents, Lupe and Jeff Archuleta


More important than meeting the rivals or competitors, is meeting the parents.  So yes, my mom and my dad, i.e., Lupe and Jeff, have been victims of stalking.  I don’t really need to add more but I just feel the need to share stories to show up to what extent fans can actually go.  Gawdd – their photos are everywhere too!  There was a time when they caught as much public interest as the Brangelina photos (okay, that was probably an exaggeration).  But seriously, a chatroom with either Jeff or Lupe in it could ring the alarm of fansites around the globe!



4) Case: May I have your number?

Victim: David Archuleta and his phone number!


Which of you doesn’t know David’s phone number or Daddy Jeff’s office number?  Okay… Maybe we will have to reassess your fan meter here coz almost everyone knows his PHONE NUMBAHHHH!!!!  *hides from clueless but raging fans*


Seriously, this Information age actually gives people enough information or even too much information so they can move ahead of the competition.  I remember how back in his AI day, people would talk about how they tried to call these numbers and how Daniel or Amber would answer the phone and how they were too stunned to actually speak.  Hmm, I don’t really know if the last few parts were true coz I tried it myself but *sighs* all I got from the other line was this answering machine/voice mailbox thingie.


So did the Archuletas change their phone number?  Come on, who wouldn’t??? Or did we get the wrong number instead?  A possibility.



3) Case: Hanging Out in your Place, yeah!

Victim: David Archuleta and his homeeeee!!!


We found his phone number so maybe it isn’t too hard to find his home address. Psh.  That is sooo easy.  But that isn’t the big scoop here.


In this age, seeing THE house is not an impossible thing to do too.  Google Earth everyone!!!  Sooo on Pinoy Exchange, through the efforts of one of the most phenomenal stalkers ever in the history of the Archuworld, we got to see a glimpse of the frontyard of his home, the windows of his room, and *chills* his bedroom!!!


Aside from Mr. Google Earth’s assistance, we also found a video on youtube on how to actually get to his house… Whoopsie…  Fans are really fans.LOL.



2) Case: Can’t Wait to See Youuuu!!!

Victim: David Archuleta, up close and personal


We’re down to the Top 2!  You think you’ve read enough?  No ya haven’t…


So we Pinoy fans got his phone number and his address and yeah we know how to get to his house and how it actually looks like.  But that’s not everything we can do…  How about meeting David in person?  Yes some Pinoy fans have actually done that already even before we could entertain the possibility that he is coming here!!!  Sadly, this list doesn’t include me *sniffs*.  Some of these Pinoy fans are living in the States or in Canada and had gone to see him perform during the AI tour.  Still some others flew all the way from the Philippines to the States to be a spectator of his spectacular shows too.  And still… A lucky few Pinoy fans got the chance to meet him and TALK to him backstage!!!!  How perfectly LUCKY!!!


*joins a mob of jealous Pinoy fans*



1) Case: The Proposal

Victim: David… Just David!!!


Nobody got the top stalking moment, awww.  Sorry guys!  It is all about THE proposal.


I know I have mentioned this in passing in one of my articles before and now I think it’s high time we recognize the incident that rightfully claims to top spot!


So tell me, when you meet David James Mayorga Arhuleta in person for the very first time, which type of person are you?


A. I am the shy type.  I’d probably go speechless and be too stunned to even smile.  Oh yeah, I’d drop dead on the spot too!

B. I am cool.  I’ll start an entertaining conversation.  Of course I’ll discreetly ask for an autograph and a picture and tell him it’s for a girlfriend.

C. I am the world’s top flirt!  I’ll look at him for a moment, flip my hair as I glance back and give him a smile that’s in between a real smile and a sexy smirk.

D. I am a total fangirl!!!  I’d go scream and blush for the first five minutes, talk to him about how he has inspired me for the next five minutes, sing his songs as I show him my magazines the next five minutes, and spend the rest of the quality time hugging him!

E. I might be a combination of these options. LOL.


Do you have an answer already?  Well, the PInay who got the top spot here probably did some of these too.  But let me highlight the most amazing thing she did.  I got the chance to chat with her once on FOD and here’s what she had shared (as I recall it).


She went to New York City from school so she could get an autograph during the release of David’s album.  And when it was her turn to have her CD autographed, she brought a ring pop out and said, “If anyone can make me fall in love, YOU CAN.”  The most rewarding thing?  David smiled at him, took the ring and wore it.  He was too stunned as he said, “Thank you”.


Really, meeting David Archuleta in person for the first time and proposing to him on the spot?  That has to be the best concept ever done spontaneously too!  LOL.  And just an FYI, David wore the ring pop the entire time he was signing CDs and photographs.  Congratulations RPG!  Proud to be a Pinay like ya!  Haha.



So that’s it… The Top 10 Stalking Moments!  I hope you have enjoyed reading these wonderful stories.  Take note that by doing this, we are also acknowledging the different ways by which we are expressing the fan within.  You may or may not agree with me but I think that being a fan makes us do more than the word crazy can ever define!  Being a fan makes us forget some things that we had thought to be important and normal before.  Because when you are a fan, you need the courage to love someone without being loved back specifically.


Speaking of love, this February 14, as a special gift to everyone, we are doing a very special edition!  It’s also my way of apologizing for the delay of the top half of the article so yeah… Watch out for a lovingly sweet treat that reveals more fan secrets!

Confessions of an Addict

The Top 10 Stalking Moments


Confessions of an Addict is my very own weekly column (published every Monday) that features crazy confessions of David Archuleta fans.  It will not only cover my own stories, but also the notable ones that have caught your attention and mine (since yeah, it’s me who’s doing this particular weekly feature!!!)  Last week’s feature was a primer, and this week, I will finally be voicing out a concern of mine that has been bugging me for several months now.  And this revolves around a certain word…


Stalking – has been applied to the obsessive following, observing, or contacting of another person, or the obsessive attempt to engage in any of these activities.


Sweet nibblets!  I have always feared revealing these crazy stories.  It’s a different kind of fear, and I don’t know if you’ll get it if I explain it.  Anyhoo, we’re all guilty about this, even though this word goes against everything that we have ever believed in (and I talk about personal experience… Eep?)


This is the type of article that you start on feeling weary and you get off feeling light!  Enjoy the top 10 stalking moments that I have gathered!  These are related to David Archuleta and his Pinoy fans!  (Please, let’s take these lightly.  LOL.  All for fun!)



10 – Case: Facebook, Myspace, Multiply and Friendster stalking!

Victim/s: David Archuleta and yeah, his FANS! (marian, uriel, ayra, shen… who else??)


With the creation of the fan clubs, “Archienoys” and “The Archietects”, people have been exchanging FB, MS, Multiply and FS accounts left and right.  There are those who even post their accounts on the threads.  Hun, though I am quite concerned about this, I know you have your online networking precautionary measures right?  There are also those who remain on the dark and mysterious side, never wanting their identities to be revealed.  You can’t even see as much as a shadow, a silhouette or a strand of their hair, tsk tsk…  BUT be very very careful… Some people have their ways to find out who you are.  Before you know it, your photos are being discussed on threads (like that girl who’s wearing a pikachu hat on one pic, and a pretty girl with her infamous boots? LOL)  I, myself, am quite amazed that some people could actually identify me and could tell my birthday even if I had been very careful about photos and my identity.  But hey, I know there’s no harm intended.  We are all friends here anyway! ;)


9 – Case: The Mysterious Heartthrobs

Victim/s: Fermat and tennister


Don’t give me that look!  I don’t deserve that!  First, let me define stalking here as researching and not following someone around like a helpless and hungry puppy!  Some people might get the wrong impression, and I know who you are (any moment, there’s a bop-worthy comment somewhere here.  And I’ll be forced to turn on the power tripping mode!).  Fermat and tennister are among the mysterious guys from the crazy world of the Archietects on Pinoy Exchange.  People have been mystified by tennister’s erhm… DJ-like voice and are very much interested to get to know the eloquent man behind the username Fermat.  And it’s just that.  They are among the interesting people for the Archugirls.  So yeah, they are being stalked in a different way. LOL.


8 – Case: Across the Miles

Victim: Mr. C


Not Mr. Ryan Cayabyab…  I am not going to post his full name out of respect for his privacy.  Well, I want to say something but I’m coming up short at the moment:  Mr. C was one of the people who so patiently covered the American Idol Season 7 Tour for the David Archuleta fans.  Believe me when I say that he has managed to collect a great number of his own fans even from across the miles!  What’s not to like about him?  I am still totally fangirling over him!  Err, I believe that was the first bop-worthy comment…  Argh, I told you it had to be short.


7 – Case: Caught You!  In Black and White!

Victim: MORP girl, Jess


Hands down to Ian’s second love!  :) The MORP girl is the girl on the infamous Black and White school event promo.  David has had his arm around her because I believe it was a Valentines event (correct me or murder me if I’m wrong).  I tell you, this girl was on the receiving end of glares for being in that position.  People had to find out who she was and where she was at the moment and if she shared fond memories with David.  Yeah, fangirling pretty much covers those acts!


6 – Case: The Lakehouse

Victim: Mietra


Meet Mietra.  Actually, we all know Mietra.  Or at least the Archugirls who are threatened by her presence know her probably a lot more than necessary.  Rule number 1, you have to know the competition.  LOL.  Well, who wouldn’t want to get to know her?  It was rumored that David asked her to be his prom date.  Later on, a photo of the two of them while they were closeted err… in a lakehouse was posted online.  And then Crush came out.  Was it David’s song for her?  Was the video showing the fleeting moment that they “shared” in the lakehouse?  I think I should stop before some girls start researching on her once more.  Oh, and I almost forgot to say, she is Ian’s first love.



And that pretty much covers everything…  Kidding of course!  I will have to delay the announcement of the top five.  The top five is going to be very exciting, and you know how I love to keep everyone hanging!  So yeah, just hold on there, and the top five shall be revealed next week!


Would you know which particular incident gets the top spot?  Any thoughts?  Remember that a Pinoy fan or Pinoy fans should play a huge role in the incident.  If you’d like to make a guess, please feel free to do so.  The addict gives you an addictive surprise for a treat!  ‘Til next week!

Confessions of an Addict

A Moment of Silence

*This is another I-know-you-probably-don’t-care-but-I-am-posting-this-anyway article… LOL. *


Any moment that I wasn’t working or hanging out with friends or family, which unluckily was only about six hours a day, I would always think of him (there are other things yeah, but right now I’m talking about him).  Let me share something to all of you.  A realization I had only comprehended over the little amount of time that I had to be a silent spectator and watch fans bounce and even cry over ALTNOY’s performance on the charts.  I am HP_HG, an addict.


You ask how could anyone who had been away for a long time and who had tried to fight off severe and infectious ODD say that?


A year ago, this seventeen-year-old walked into the limelight to silently walk into our lives too.  And then all the fangirling words and terms that we could associate with David and obsessing over him and his music came about, including ODD and DAAS.  When he walked into the audition hall to sing Waiting on the World to Change, he had already changed the course of things.  And that is pretty much evident up to this moment, especially at this moment, as we see people who graciously come and join us in this fandom.


During the time that I went gaga over Archuleta, I thought, what a lonely world it would be if we hadn’t known an Idol like him.  He was an angel who had given us new words and brought “old-fashioned” words back into the dictionary; who had given us a new genre of music called Pop-David; who had given us cyberfriends, real friends and Archuships (and Shen is smiling); who had genuinely made each of us do so much things that we hadn’t done before (like fervently looking for nutter butters and being enthusiastic lettuce lovers); who had literally made avid fans create a very famous bug on the MnR section of PEX; who had unknowingly created a buzz and commotion on the Radio stations, made phone lines busier and text lines more active; who had made us spend a little more than what we would usually spend per month; and who had shown us how excellent a person could be in character, personality and looks, all at the same time. 


But then I realized after my long period of being a partial hermit from the Archuworld (Okay, partial hermit is defined – by me – as completely staying away from AP, in short, never reading anything at all, never attempting to go to fansites while no one ever knew about it since I had been an active PEXer and the people there were quite fed up with me, LOL.  So I’m going back to my real point…), that a disease will never be cured by any type of prevention.  Once an Archie, always an Archie.  Knowing that I’m trying to keep myself from something this great and fun – or in Archie terms, trying to fight off ODD – is ten times worse than not having known David at all.  It was definitely a much lonelier world…


When you have realized that you are trying to stay away from one of the best things you have ever known in the world, you will never be able to go back to the usual.  And this is not what you call idol worship (literally and figuratively speaking).  No, no, no.  This is love at its most basic definition.  I think that most of us can honestly say that David is among the people that we have ever truly and unconditionally loved.  He never really asked for it, but looking at him, listening to him and his voice, watching him do those moves, knowing that he has a purpose in life and that he is inspiring each of us to find our own purpose, what’s really not to love?


That’s how I can say that I’m an addict.  Coz even during that short span of time that I had to be away and I was searching for my very own purpose, I knew it had been him who had inspired me to do so.  And here’s my biggest realization: I love David.  I can never leave him, and especially at times when he needs the fan in me.  Well, I never really left, did I?  I could not.


Because I am HP_HG, a certified addict.  Even if these things come to worse, I shall always make a confession of love for David and I shall be proud of it.  And this, my friends, is the first of my confessions.

David Weeklies Dec.1-5: TOP 5 DAVID VLOGS! #1

Dec. 1-5 David Weeklies : TOP 5 David VLOGS!

# 1


New York Vlog

David’s Vlog Info: FINALLY got another blog up giving an update on what went on this weekend. Sorry it took so long, I just avoid making them since I have such major issues making anything that involved me talking. I should probably find a way to take blog-making classes or something.

Why AP loves it:

1. A 4minute video blog rocks!

2. HE SANG!!!!!

3. The mother and son night-out! –Matt Nathanson concert!

4. The way he said BAD…lol…

5. This was done a few days before the release of the album and he’s so excited!

6. He apologized even though he shouldn’t have. He’s so sweet.

7. Writing Blogs vs. Video Blogs.

8. Utah updates—friends, brother and sisters.

9. The break and repair method??

10. Wahaha! “This is the time…”lol

So, that was our #1 Video Blog from David!

The winner will be announced tomorrow! :)

The winner will get a copy of David Archuleta’s Debut Album!

So, CONGRATULATIONS! We hope you enjoyed the Top5!

Get ready for the next one!

David Weeklies Dec.1-5: TOP 5 DAVID VLOGS! #2

Dec. 1-5 David Weeklies : TOP 5 David VLOGS!

# 2


David Archuleta Thanks You! Vlog

David’s Vlog Info: Thanks from David Archuleta for all your support, plus a peek at what’s coming up for a new site and more!

Why AP loves it:

1. This is Davd’s first video blog.

2. He’s such a tease! haha!

3. The green shirt.

4. The way he points at the camera as he says YOU KNOW WHO I’M TALKING TO.

5. His excitement over the American Idol tour.

6. The sleeves!

7. The Fan Question invitation :)

8. His sincerity and honesty.

9. He loves his fans!

10. Everything about this is perfect!

So, that was #2 on our list!

I’m not sure if you read the previous countdown entry right, but I’m reposting the contest mechanics for this week’s countdown (again) anyway.

Be sure to take a guess at what our Top 1 vlog will be, and post it in our comments area, along with your REASON on why you love David. On saturday, AP will pick 1 winner – with the correct answer, and the best “reason to love David”.

The winner will get a copy of DAVID ARCHULETA’s DEBUT ALBUM!

So, what are you waiting for? go post your guess, and reason!

David Weeklies Dec.1-5: TOP 5 DAVID VLOGS! #3

Dec. 1-5 David Weeklies : TOP 5 David VLOGS!

# 3

(September 09, 2008)

Layover in Detroit to Indianapolis Vlog

David’s Vlog Info: Just a quick blog done in the airport haha. We were on our way to Indianapolis and had a layover in Detroit, where they had this really weird tunnel. Cook helped keep the camera steady for me. Go Cook! We were on the same flight haha.

Why AP loves it:

1. The red lighting.

2. The tunnel and the echoes.

3. He called Cook lovely. lol

4. It’s Trippy! haha

5. The way he describes the tunnel. Archudorable!

6. Cook as the Cameraman.

7. Yet another ArchuCook moment

8. This is such a random video.

9. The heavy backpack!

10. Tunnels and Archuleta go together. Huh? lol

So, that was #3 on our list!

I’m not sure if you read the previous countdown entry right, but I’m reposting the contest mechanics for this week’s countdown (again) anyway.

Be sure to take a guess at what our Top 1 vlog will be, and post it in our comments area, along with your REASON on why you love David. On saturday, AP will pick 1 winner – with the correct answer, and the best “reason to love David”.

The winner will get a copy of DAVID ARCHULETA’s DEBUT ALBUM!

So, what are you waiting for? go post your guess, and reason!

David Weeklies Dec.1-5: TOP 5 DAVID VLOGS! #4

Dec. 1-5 David Weeklies : TOP 5 David VLOGS!

# 4

(December 2, 2008)

The Happy Birthday Claudia! Vlog

David’s Vlog Info: Just wanted to make a quick video blog since it’s been forever! Happy 19th birthday Claudia!!!

Why AP loves it:

1. He looks like he just woke up. For real.

2. He seemed as if he came from the shower. Gosh!

3. His hair!

4. The close-up!

5. How he says ä lot of fun!

6. He greeted his sister Claudia a Happy Birthday and shared it with us.

7. The ArchuWarning!

8. His eyes and brows!

9. The way he said YESTERDAY!

10. Some iCarly info and the Alloy blog!

So, that was #4 on our list!

I’m not sure if you read the previous countdown entry right, but I’m reposting the contest mechanics for this week’s countdown (again) anyway.

Be sure to take a guess at what our Top 1 vlog will be, and post it in our comments area, along with your REASON on why you love David. On saturday, AP will pick 1 winner – with the correct answer, and the best “reason to love David”.

The winner will get a copy of DAVID ARCHULETA’s DEBUT ALBUM!

So, what are you waiting for? go post your guess, and reason!

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