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VIDS: David in RSO Event

Lexi posted a vid of her and David rehearsing for their duet of A Whole New World and lucky fan Patti shared her vids of David‘s awesome performances :) Watch them below:

credit to @LexiMaeWalker and PattiAdams

 photo lexi6_zps96171570.jpg

A Whole New World (Rehearsal)


Somebody Out There and Stand By Me

A Whole New World and Glorious

Prayer of the Children

More “Glorious” vids

For the release of the song, “Glorious”, David had a radio interview with FM100.3 and they also played the song on air. David tweeted about it, too. If you missed it, here’s a yt clip of the audio, thanks to JR4DA!

And if you have the song on repeat, here are the lyrics so you can sing along, thanks to pocoelsy1!

VIDS: David’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!!!

To support ALS awareness and research, The Archuletas took on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!!! It started when Jazzy was challenged then she nominated lil sis Amber and big bro David ;) Click on the vids below:

credit to @jahzey, @DavidArchie and @lamberouge

 photo instagram18_zps2ba7f65f.jpg

 photo tweet4_zps98b8387c.jpg photo instagram17_zpsc1c7ae28.jpg

 photo instagram20_zps664b8dc0.jpg

Watch the slightly longer version of David‘s challenge (and his reaction!) below:

 photo fb2_zps222d0513.png photo fb1_zpse5bef6a7.jpg

David challenged Jennette McCurdy, The Piano Guys and David Cook — and Cook replied :)

 photo reply1_zps0d934096.png

VID: Military Tour in Kuwait

Check out this vid about the Military Tour in Kuwait, shared by Dan Clark :) Click on the pics to watch:

credit to DanClark and USArmyCentral

 photo troopstourkuwait4_zps9c436976.jpg

 photo troopstourkuwait5_zps09bd7226.jpg

NEW VLOG: I’m Still Alive

NEW VLOG ALERT!!!! (And lol at the title!) Check out David‘s adorable ramblings about his grandma’s cooking, his little-known LA trip, his music ideas/plans, and his learnings from his mission (and even the comments about his hair haha..) :D Click on the pic to watch the vid:

credit to @DavidArchie

 photo vlog2_zps31da8836.jpg

Called To Serve Updates

Because of David‘s inspirational feature in Called To Serve, there might be a DVD soon; David became a trending topic in Salt Lake City, and additional vids are released ;) Check it out:

credit to FOD

 photo CTSdvd1_zps630f9c82.jpg
 photo CTSdvd2_zps11cfaa8a.jpg

 photo davidtrendingSLC_zps1ddf21e1.jpg

credit to JackRyan4DA

David Archuleta 1st Interview Post Mission (04 Apr 2014)

David Archuleta in his 1st exclusive interview post missionary life in Chile. KSL Extra has the exclusive which can be found here –

David Archuleta’s Abuelo, WILFREDO MAYORGA Interview (4 Apr 2014)

VIDS: Called To Serve

David shares his experiences during his Mormon mission in Chile in the TV special Called To Serve :) To watch his inspiring journey, click the pics and links below:

credit to KSL

 photo ksltweet_zps1a65e69d.jpg

 photo ksl_zpsf8856da8.jpg

credit to JackRyan4DA

David Archuleta – Called to Serve Special p1 of 4 (April 6, 2014)

David Archuleta – Called to Serve Special p2 of 4 (April 6, 2014)

David Archuleta – Called to Serve Special p3 of 4 (April 6, 2014)

David Archuleta – Called to Serve Special p4 of 4 (April 6, 2014)

VID: I’m back

David posted a (longer!) vid for all the fans!!! Thanks David and enjoy catching up with your family and friends!!! We’ll just be here ;)

credit to @DavidArchie

I’m back

Wanted to let you know I’m back and catching up on things.

 photo backvid_zps78f6f068.jpg

VIDS: Reports about David’s Return

David‘s return was reported in KSL News and Fox News NYC :D Check it out:

David Archuleta Returns from Mission (KSLnews, 25 Mar 2014)

credit to FOD

David Archuleta Mention on Fox News NYC 1 03/26/2014

David Archuleta Mention on Fox News NYC part 2 2 03/26/2014

David Archuleta Mention FOX News NYC part 3 03/26/2014

MYX also has article about David‘s homecoming :D To read more, click on the pic:

credit to

 photo david- myx_zps22488823.jpg

VID: Word of the Day

As we continue to wait for his return, David teaches us the meaning of “patience” in this vid :) What an appropriate word for all the Archufans ;) Click on the pic to watch the vid:

credit to @DavidArchie

Word of the day:

Word of the day — patience

We know this word very well! It’s a word we all have had to be during this time David needed away. Thank you for your “patience” and continued support!

 photo patiencevid_zps5dbfe019.jpg

credit to FOD


 photo patience1_zpsf248087a.png

 photo patience2_zpsd32c15a3.png

 photo patience3_zps8b38c96a.png

 photo patience4_zpsf554b023.png

Don't Run Away
 photo DA_DontRunAway_zps4645dce6.jpg

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