RIP, Michael Johns

Sad news – David‘s fellow American Idol Season 7 finalist Michael Johns passed away :( David, other fellow finalists and the AI family expressed their sadness and offered condolences to Michael‘s family.

credit to FOD

 photo RIPmjohns1_zps27a7a765.jpg photo RIPmjohns4_zps6f405f34.jpg  photo RIPmjohns5_zpsb295d909.jpg  photo RIPmjohns6_zpsb31349bd.jpg  photo RIPmjohns7_zps82c3bee6.jpg

 photo RIPmjohns2_zps9b463daf.jpg  photo RIPmjohns8_zps8b08dad8.jpg  photo RIPmjohns3_zpsc3165b21.jpg

More messages and tributes from David Cook, Paula Abdul, Nigel Lythgoe and many others here:

More information about Michael‘s passing here:

You will be missed, Michael

 photo RIPmjohns9_zps821043b2.jpg photo RIPmjohns10_zpsf9a8559e.jpg

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PIC: David saw Wicked

David went to see Wicked :) Check out his pic:

credit to @DavidArchie

 photo instagram8_zpsa6c9543b.jpg photo instagram9_zpsf3880c2b.jpg

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Article: David in Ethiopia

LDS Living has an article about David and his group’s experience in Ethiopia :) Click on the pic for the entire article:

credit to

 photo article1_zps0bb54a2b.jpg

Also, some LDS members shared their encounters with David in their blogs. To read them, click on the pics:

 photo ethiopiablog1_zps6f05ba0e.jpg

 photo ethiopiablog2_zps87e4cb71.jpg

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SPOTTED: More David Sightings

Check out David‘s sightings below:

credit to FOD

 photo sighting1_zps78a23494.jpg

 photo sighting2_zps2c6ed498.jpg

 photo Jasmine-tweet_zpsc1b96319.png photo Jasmine-twitpic_zpsb87c6498.jpg

 photo Meg-Nelson-Tweet_zps6322451d.png photo Meg-Nelson_zpsd049bcab.jpg

 photo mika1_zps7fc44325.png photo mika2_zps66619267.jpg

 photo Nan-Sodalicious_zps1c6e997b.png photo sodalicious1_zpsdb74c836.png photo sodalicious2_zps7eda6ef7.jpg

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PIC: David with Jazzy

David and his sister Jazzy enjoyed a visit from the French Toast food truck :)

credit to @DavidArchie

 photo tweet1_zps1c25fbad.jpg photo instagram7_zps39d7b9ba.jpg

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ArchuCook Reunion!!!

The ArchuCook bromance is alive!!! After coming home from the Military Tour, David got to attend Cook‘s concert at the Sandy Ampitheater in Utah :) Cook made jokes about him being on “enemy territory” since he’s in Archie‘s hometown but Archie replied that Cook‘s actually on “allied ground” ;) Watch the awesome reunion below:

credit to @DavidArchie

 photo tweetcook_zps10a4796b.jpg

credit to Maggie Arnold

Facebook Link:

credit to ConcertsByCD

Here are some pics from the ArchuCook reunion (click on the pics for more) ;)

credit to Rockstar’s Girlfriend Photography

 photo 10513451_676459069106433_6575361781858762681_n_zpsa29d69cb.jpg photo 10524324_676459089106431_8602965446333415233_n_zps7ccabd1b.jpg photo 10440893_676458899106450_5416080235541026886_n_zps7efa3664.jpg photo 10513451_676459069106433_6575361781858762681_n_zpsa29d69cb.jpg photo 10544346_676458755773131_6600667240815804534_n_zpsc2bcd510.jpg

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Troops Tour: Homecoming Tweets

The Foursome of the Military Tour are back home!!! Take a look at their homecoming tweets ;)

credit to @DavidArchie, @DanClarkSpeak and @kariontour

 photo DA-Tweet_zps61b13f92.png photo DA-IG_zps7d4cdb41.png

 photo dan-tweet_zps768cf4c8.png

As Kari tweeted, WELCOME BACK DAVID, DEAN, DAN and JASON!!! :)

 photo Kari-Welcome_zpsef97afdf.png

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Troops Tour: Wrap Up

As the Military Tour ends, check out the last few blogs from Jason, Dean and David about their inspiring experience :)

credit to JasonHewlett

 photo jasonblog2_zps2aaa7309.jpg

This must be the “impromptu performance” of David in the Ethiopian restaurant that Jason was talking about in his blog :)

credit to @danielbeyene_

 photo ethiopia2_zpsaa01d2eb.jpg

While in Ethiopia, David got to meet Miss Africa Utah :) The non-profit organization helps provide scholarships to African students studying in the US.

 photo missafricautah_zps1da6ebcd.jpg

credit to DeanKaelin

 photo ethiopia3_zps290bb8cb.jpg

credit to DavidArchuleta

 photo davidblog1_zps6c99c625.jpg

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PICS: David in Djibouti and Ethiopia

Check out David‘s instagram posts and tweets about his Djibouti and Ethiopia visits :) Look at David the Teletubby ;)

credit to @DavidArchie

 photo troopstourdjibouti3_zps83dedd9a.jpg

 photo troopstourdjibouti4_zpsae886ecc.jpg

 photo ethiopia1_zps16dfcf5e.jpg

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Troops Tour: Djibouti

The last stop of the Military Tour is in Djibouti, a country in Africa. Here are the experiences of the “Fearsome Foursome” ;) See David in a bomb-defusal suit and doing push-ups!!

credit to @DavidArchie, DeanKaelin, and Jason Hewlett

 photo troopstourdjibouti1_zps4dc18c3a.jpg

 photo deanjuly21-2_zpsf8fc30bc.jpg photo troopstourdjibouti2_zps445d7156.jpg photo troopstourdjibouti8_zps9a56a0bd.jpg

 photo jasonblog1_zpsedcb23fc.jpg photo IMG_5660-1024x764_zps1da16559.jpg

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