Part 2 – A Year in Review: Bring Back Faded Memories of 2009!


The history continues


After the U.K. Tour, which ended up on May 10, David, along with his band and managers, flew via Qatar airways, from London to Manila for the David to David concert! Remember? Hahaha. Archienoys met at 6 a.m. at the Ayala MRT Station, geared up for the ‘arrival’ of the year, only to find out that his flight arrived at 3:30 in the afternoon of May 12! Hahaha. ;) Here are the memories.


May 14, 2009, was a hectic day for our BB. David guested on 2 Philippines local shows, ‘Sis and Eat Bulaga’. David was asked by a few questions in ‘Sis’, watched local Filipino artist sing chosen David songs, and performed ‘ALTNOY’ live in front of a total screaming and cheering fans!


In ‘Eat Bulaga’, he sang ‘Crush’.



May 16, who could ever forget? An exceptional day. The whole Philippine Archiepelago was in a hysteric mood when the back-to-back concert of the Davids enfolded. A first of its kind, the two Davids joined together to perform an epic concert on stage at the SM MOA grounds singing in front of an estimated 50, 000 mass of people! Whewww! The dedicated Archienoys, both young and old, were so excited by the series of events that turned out — from the airport, to the hotel, to the hotel lobby, and to the main event itself. Though tired and drained, fans did gain fruits of their lurking. They were blown away by the ‘talent-and-good-looks-combined’ superb teen heartthrob and singing prodigy. David & company left the country on the eve of May 17! *sniff* *sniff*


David continued to wow his fans with his formidable pipes & wide-range vocals as he and Demi Lovato embarked a concert tour this summer, performing in 40 U.S. cities. The tour kicked off in June 21 at Hartford, CT, and winded up in Hershey, PA on Aug. 21.


3 city-stops were cancelled due to schedule conflicts but were then late brought up in November. He opened the show belting out his popular pop songs such as ALTNOY, Touch My Hand and his signature ‘Crush’.


August 1 marks the 1st anniversary of David’s first single ever, Crush! Excited we were on this day to reminisce the spazzmm and excitement we felt the day we heard Crush for the first time over the radio!


This year’s Teen Choice Awards was a memorable one for David and for us fans as well. Though absent on August 10, the awarding ceremony, he took home 3 awards on that night: the Breakout Artist award, the Favourite Tour, in Music (with Demi Lovato) and the Love Song of the year, Crush! He bested other talented singers and music artists of this generation! Yehey!


“Contigo En La Distancia ♥”. Who could ever forget that stunning performance of David at the ALMA’s on the eve of September 17th? Neither I! He nailed it! As we exclaimed. It makes us watch that splendid performance of him over and over again…


Next up, David attended the Utah’s Women Conference in October at Salt Lake City. Archuleta talked about his musical journey, which began when he was 6 years old, as well as the necessity of facing the future with optimism. “A lot of hard things can be going on in our lives, but there is always something great to be focusing on,” he said. “Even if you don’t see it in the right now, it’s amazing how things work out in the long run.” What a confident yet well-grounded statement that was.


The yuletide season came early as expected with the release of David’s 1st Christmas album, CFTH, on October 13th (U.S.) and October 14th (Philippines after the onslaught of the Typhoon Ondoy!) Reports say that the stocks of the CD was sold-out on the day of release and until December, it sold at about 200,000 copies in the U.S. alone.


The singing wonderboy delighted his fans once more as he launched his 3rd concert tour of this year! Recently wrapped up Christmas Tour began in his home town (well everybody’s :) ) Salt Lake City on Nov. 24 and wrapping up in New York on Dec. 20. He rendered superlative performances of Christmas songs such as O Holy Night, Ave Maria, Melodies of Christmas and some of his pop songs such as Crush, the duet with his Mom Lupe as the most memorable and touching of all!



David’s voice fueled the blaze of the Christmas spirit when he appeared on several TV shows after the tour. He guested in The Today’s Show (Dec. 21), Larry King Live (Dec. 22), where he also shared his memorable Christmas experience, Regis and Kelly Show (Dec. 22), and in Fox and Friends Christmas Special (Dec. 23). His renditions of the songs ‘Pat-a-Pan’, ‘Angels we have heard on High’ and ‘Melodies of Christmas’ struck everyone’s hearts and changed screwed-up expressions & sour shudders into genuine admiration.


December 28. The day everyone waited for. Everyone got busy wishing him birthday greetings on twitter, fansites, signed Bday GroupCards, organized parties for the boy man who turned 19 on this day. He is slowly growing into a real fully pledged man! Time really flies!

*sigh* What a year it was! :) The old year will end and another one starts to open its’ doors for us! Congratulations to everyone, we have gone this far! ;) As part of this, the whole Archuleta Philippines extends our ‘Thank You’s’ to everyone for supporting David and the fansite as well for the year 2009! Hope we all meet again next year at this same place!

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