Radio Campaign: FOREVERMORE!

It’s time we request and vote for FOREVERMORE! Come on, Pinoy Archangels!

You ready? Please take note of the schedules and the guidelines. They have been summarized for you.

Let’s do this, Archies!


Monster Radio RX 93.1

Official Facebook Page: RX931

Mondays to Fridays (Votes/Requests EXCEPT WEDNESDAYS)

Time Show DJs Twitter
06:00am-10:00am The Morning Rush Chico & Delamar @rxtmr
10:00am-01:00pm The Ride Jude & Rico @rxtheride
01:00pm-04:00pm The Daily Survey* Louie D. & Danielle @thedailysurvey
04:00pm-07:00pm Jumpstart Gino & Fran @ginoboi | @monicafrancesca
07:00pm-11:00pm Playtime Hazel, Cerah & Christi @playtimerx931
11:00pm-03:00am The Late Night Clinic Tom Alvarez *FB*
3:00am-06:00am The Gravey Andre @dre931

*Daily Survey Voting Guidelines (EAM+ 2 Other songs, preferably not in the top 5)

Txt: RX(space)FOREVERMORE+ 2 other songs, send to 2299

Landline: 6319393

Twitter: @thedailysurvey

FB: RX931

Saturdays (Mostly requests | Votes during PlaytimeRX)

Time Show DJs Twitter
3:00am-06:00am Radio One Radio 1 *FB*
06:00am-09:00am AM Going Solo* AM @MarkLaguna
09:00am-12:00nn Rico Robles OT Rico Robles @ricorobles
12:00nn-02:00pm Radio One Radio 1 @rxradio1
02:00pm-06:00pm Pimp Out Saturdays Fran & Jolly @monicafrancesca
06:00pm-10:00pm Playtime Hazel, Cerah & Christi @playtimerx931
*except last Saturday of the Month (TMR)

*PlaytimeRX Voting Guidelines (EAM+ 2 Other songs, preferably not in the top 5)

Txt: RX(space)FOREVERMORE+ 2 other songs, send to 2299

Landline: 6319393

Twitter: @playtimerx931

FB: RX931

Magic 89.9

Official FB Page: Magic 89.9

Mondays to Thursdays (Requests are counted as votes | Important votes during Top 5 @5)

Time Show DJs Twitter
06:00am-09:00am Good Times Mo, Grace & Mojo* *FB*
09:00am-12:00nn On Demand Boom & Mia @mia899
12:00nn-03:00pm The Big Meal CJ & Suzy @suzy899 | @cj899
03:00pm-06:00pm Top 5 @ 5 Andi & Jessica @jessica_899 | @andimanzano
06:00pm-10:00pm Boys Night Out Tony, Slick & Sam YG *FB*
10:00pm-12:00mn Strike Zone Josh Strike @aaronatayde
02:00am-06:00am Daybreak Sounds Patrick @djpat899

*Thursdays DJ Guille

*Top 5 @ 5 Voting Guidelines (EAM + 1 other song, preferably not in the top 5)

Txt: MAGIC899(space)FOREVERMORE + 1 other song, send to 2948

Landline: 6310899

Twitter: @jessica_899 | @andimanzano899


Saturdays (Requests)

Time DJs Twitter
12:00mn-03:00am Josh Strike @aaronatayde
03:00am-06:00am Hush *FB*
06:00am-09:00am Pat *FB*
09:00am-12:00nn Mia / Jessica @mia899 | @jessica_899
12:00nn-02:00pm Junior Jocks *FB*

Sundays (Requests)

Time Show Twitter
10:00am-02:00pm On a Positive Note @tyler899

Mellow 94.7

Official FB Page: Mellow 94.7

Mondays to Fridays (Requests | Votes during C&C Music Factory)

Time Show DJs Twitter
06:00am-10:00am The Wake Up Show Vince & Tracy @VinceGolangco | @TracyAbad
10:00am-02:00pm Office Radio Angel / Ingrid *FB*
02:00pm-04:00pm Afternoon Cruise Ingrid @AngelMellow947
04:00pm-08:00pm C&C Music Factory* Chirs & Chloe YM: ChrisNChloe | *FB*
08:00pm-12:00mn Melow Nites Marco & Indi @MellowNights947

*10 Strong Countdown Voting Guidelines

Txt: MELLOW(space)I’m Voting for FOREVERMORE, send to 2948 (Voting Time: 4-8pm, Monday-Friday)

Landline: 6319470

YM: ChrisNChloe

FB: ChrisNChloe | Mellow94.7

For provincial Archies, you may also join the campaign by requesting and voting for FOREVERMORE in your local radios! :)

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6 Responses to “Radio Campaign: FOREVERMORE!”

  • NicolettePaul:

    ON IT! :)   

  • Hi guys!

    yes please, let’s mount a campaign for David’s song. Since Sony has confirmed – and moved heaven & earth to have the CD available in time for the concert – let’s make a major push for this.

    Archies in the provinces din sana, they also participate in asking for their DJs to play the song.

    COME ON TEAM, time to shower Mr. Archuleta some major loving :)   

  • Kevin Rosario:


  • islander:


  • Please support –

    This idea actually came from Cheche, a Manila Archie. She thought that in order to complement the radio requests, Sony should come up a music video for EAM based on his live performance. Something similar to TMH. In that way we can request from MYX or MTV. Such a brilliant idea should not go to waste, right?

    I talked with my contact w/ Sony Phil and he said they will look into it. So, I twitted Sony Music MY, ID & PHil last week, contacted some Archies from other Asian countries and now Shuyee from AAM formalized this petition.

    Fan power ftw! Let’s make this work guys!  

  • claudine archuleta^^:

    wish i could win some tickets for @davidarchie’s mall tour :) )  

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